D-Link Router Setup – How Do I Log into My D Link Router?

So, you have purchased a Dlink Router, Looking for D-Link Router Setup guide and you are trying to install it in a proper manner but no instructions available? This guide has answers to all your questions which makes you find out a procedure through which you can setup your D-link router easily. There is some equipment which comes along with your router and for setting up your router have information about the details of this tool. First of all, you should know that there are various users which are as follows:

  • If you are using a router or modem
  • If you get internet via the cable providers
  • DSL providers who assign the PPPoE connection that comes with a password and this have to be kept in mind in order to gain full access to the viable internet connection

Guide To D-link Router Setup:

D-link Router Setup

The above facts need to be considered before you begin to set up your internet connection by using your router. If you have purchased the router, following inclusions are there in the package:

  • Wi-Fi Configuration Card
  • Router
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable

How to Set up the Network If you are Using D-link Router?

There are two modes in which D-link router are put for implementation, check out these two methods:

  • Manually configuring the network, this method is employed when you are an advanced user and if you have configured the router beforehand
  • Setting up the wizard is useful for those who are new to using the network and have never configured the router. This D-link router setup wizard comes to your rescue by showing up the procedure for configuring the network in a more promising manner.

Steps to D-Link Router Setup:

For setting up the Dlink router, You needs to ensure if the package has complete tools and there is no dearth of necessary things. This router is set up easily with the help of following steps:

  • Connect your router to the adapter and power plug it
  • Ethernet cable is then connected to the router port
  • After few moments, Wait for it to power up
  • Select a network and connect the SSID or Wi-Fi name and enter a password which is listed on the card provided on wireless configuration card

In Case of issue Coming up During Connection:

Check for the following manner in which Dlink router is set up and issues faced during connection:

  • Unplug the modem
  • Connect your computer to Ethernet cable
  • Connect the modem to the port on the router
  • Power plug the router and modem
  • Open the internet browser and enter in place of IP address

You will be directed to Dlink set up wizard and you can manage the router settings. Afterward, scanning will be started and internet gets connected to your device. At times, this scanning if not successful and you will be asked to DHCP connection which requires your username and password. For each kind of connection, be it wireless or wired, you will have to enter a different password to ensure that everything works well.

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