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In order to identify a particular device that’s connected to a network, there have been assigned some addresses by the maker of that device or by the person who provides you the internet, that is, your Internet Service Provider. This address is called an IP address or the Internet Protocol address. This address is provided to devices like computers, mobile phones, printers, routers and much more. Today we’ll see how to setup and configure a router?

Its function is so simple and easy to understand. It serves two main purposes that include identifying the host or the network interface and then it helps to locate the address of that device. Sometimes they are fixed permanently in the device and sometimes they can vary with the provider of the network. This address helps to find out a particular device from a range of devices that are connected to a private network or a device connected to a public network.

How to Setup and Configure a Router? wireless router setting and configuration steps

This is one type of IP address that most manufacturers of routers use in their router devices as a default address no matter if it’s a wireless router or a normal one. This is an IPv4 address and it can be changed by the user whenever required. So let’s take a look at how a router is setup and configured.

Setup and Configuration:

Follow the below-given steps to set up this router and configure it.

Set the Router’s Parameters:

You should connect your router to your computer by the wireless means or by a wired means. It is the wireless Wi-Fi method is not working, then go for the wired method by means of an Ethernet cable. Then on your computer go to the web browser and in the search option type this there. You have entered the setup page of the router. The password and username for logging in are same for all and they are ‘admin’ for both. Now the Setup Wizard will take you through the setup process with the help of prompt options and you have to do the setup as you feel convenient and as required. You’ll have completed the Setup.

Start the Wireless Router Again:

Then go to the settings of the router. The SSID name can be entered from the model of the router and you can change this as you wish and whenever you want. You must then give it a password as you feel convenient and thereby you can prevent rubbing of a network. By now you have completed the wireless settings. The reboot the router and now you only need to search for a signal from the next step.

Search for Signals:

If you want to connect your device to the internet then you have to search for some Wi-Fi wireless signals. In order to do this, You must enable a wireless card, then you search for signals to find your wireless router’s SSID name and double-click it so that it’s connected. Then you must enter the new password that you set during the setup and wait for some period of time as it connects. After some time you are connected to the internet.

Now that you’ve learned to set up and configure your wireless router you can try it at home. But there are some problems that may arise that you have to be careful are. They are:

  • A connection between your router and terminal computers.
  • You may enter the IP address wrongly sometimes.
  • If you happen to forget your password, then do the setup again by resetting your entire router again.

So beware of all such problems while setting up and configuring the wireless router.

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